Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost the End of My Designing Career

I was sorting and discarding stuff in preparation for moving and I came across this old rejection letter from Workbasket:

I remember thinking, "If they were overstocked on tatting patterns, there wasn't much use in trying, was there?" I quit working on refining this heart:

Yeah, right, I know now that a heart built around 3 circles isn't exactly a new frontier. It's been done, but remember way back then, I was tatting in a vacuum. I had a couple of books borrowed from the library, a fairly new subscription to Workbasket, and whatever Dover books were at the local Borders.

I also quit working on a large centerpiece I had been designing. It had (or rather was going to have) a border of butterfly motifs all around it. Later I learned that had already been done too. That UFO is in a box somewhere--I come across it once every few years while looking for something else.

I didn't quit tatting altogether, though for a while I didn't do much more than produce some doilies or edged pillowcases for Christmas presents.

P.S. Needlecraft for Today didn't want it either:

P.P.S. It wasn't such a great butterfly, so I can see why they didn't want it :)


  1. Harumph! They didn't know what they were missing! I myself like the butterfly. It they had so many patterns, why did they put in so few, and sometimes none at all? And many many times, just a PLAIN edging? Wow, just think, if they hadn't rejected you, they might still be in print...thank goodness you didn't let them discourage you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I, for one, am so very glad you didn't let that stop you from designing more items. I LOVE your hearts and teapots! :)

  3. And what did they know? LOL!

    I do like the top part of the butterfly. Don't discard it!

  4. If Workbasket had sooo many tatting patterns they sure where stingly passing them out. And a couple of issues repeated them! Maybe if they had published you they would still be in business!
    But I for one am glad you kept the creative jucies flowing so that so many of us could benifit from your talants and learn new and exciting things! PS I like your butterfly. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Some of our most famous books had many rejections; you are in good company!

    BUT I can't even begin to think what a large, unsightly hole in tatting there would be without your creative, wonderful designs.

    And your subject line gave me cold chills.....the "almost" kept me from doing something rash! LOL

    X hugs and many thanks

  6. The title was meant tongue-in-cheek, sorry!

    I've looked at that butterfly a few times over the years, and it has always seemed hopelessly tall and skinny. Only now are the wheels in my head starting to turn. Maybe if I lengthen the chains leading into the center of the wings, and add another rep of the trefoils around the wings, hmmmmm.... must continue packing, must continue packing, hmmmmmm....

  7. It is a wonderful butterfly! Gina is so right..... what do they know! Lucky you kept truckin'!

  8. Oh, I disagree! I think that's a magnificent butterfly!