Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Tatting--Motifs 13 & 14--Revised

After finishing all those white snowflakes, I've been enjoying some holiday tatting in green and red. Here is Mark Myer's wonderful Holly & Berries design featuring the half ring braid technique. I love this technique; I love this pattern.

This design is called "Christmas Berry Wreath", by LaRae Mikulecky. Thank you to everyone who helped track it down. The pattern is from an old Geocities site that isn't there anymore, but you can find a copy
. According to my printout, I downloaded this from the web on 11/25/99 and only now, more than ten years later got around to making it. This is made in one pass with one green and one red shuttle, and features lots of Josephine knots.


  1. Wow, Mark's design is stunning. Doesn't the wreath look prickly too - just like real holly?

  2. Both are very pretty and festive! Merry Christmas!

  3. Very beautiful snowflake and Christmas Berry Wreath.
    Merry Christmas|

  4. I found this pace, is it useful?


  5. Beautiful tatting, Martha! You know - I think I've got a printout of that wreath pattern - I'll check it out when I get home and see if we can't track down the creator.

    ;-) Hugs!


  6. Martha - can you send me the original site for the Christmas wreath on Geocities? I may be able to find it on the WayBack machine.

    I'd like to add this one to my pattern list too.

  7. Found it!

    The pattern was designed by LaRae Mikulecky

  8. Oh, your Christmas Tatting Is delightful! I love that Holly and Berrie's one it's fabulous! THe wreath is fantastic, too! I hope you do find the current link if there is one! I'd love to tat it!

  9. Beautiful. Happy Christmas!

  10. I just found my copy of this! I love how it looks and even though the season has passed I am going to tat it up now! Actually I may use up some of that Cébélia I was going on about! LOTS of red and green in my stash - even #10!
    Fox : )