Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snowflake Bangles--Motif 12

Just a quick post to show I'm still here.

I've been working on snowflake bangles for small Christmas gifts. Most of these are Mike's excellent "Playing in the Snow-flake". I love the swirls and the fact it is quick and easy. Check out his blog for plenty of tatting-on-glass-balls eye candy.

In the center is the Layered Tatted Snowflake from Nancy at Be-Stitched. On her website you can find her online store for tatting supplies and a generous array of free tatting patterns.

I will claim Nancy's snowflake as motif twelve. I used Mike's snowflake in a previous challenge, so it doesn't count this time.

When I went to make the scan, I found my missing bookmark in the scanner. Now, if only I could find my missing free time as well....


  1. Those are so pretty. Such a shame to split them up as they make a stunning group. Now, how many times do I find 'missing' things under the scanner lid? Too many to recount!!!!

  2. They look stunning en masse like that.

  3. Beautiful Bangles! I laughed to myself about where you found your missing bookmark. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one that has happened to :-)

  4. Thanks, Martha! I appreciate it so much when bloggers take that extra effort to provide the link where they got a pattern in their post with the picture of the same tatted piece! That is so considerate of you!

    Your snowflakes are beautiful. Then again, that doesn't surprise me because you are very talented at tatting!

    Hope you are having a lovely holiday season! :)


  5. What lovely snowflake bangles! I must point these out to Fox, as she commented once about not knowing what to do with some bangles she received at a tat day.

    Now I must try to make one too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Absolutely beautiful snowflake bangles! Now I wish Xmas lasts a full year and I can catch up on tatting some... :)