Friday, June 03, 2011

I'm Back

A week ago today, I did something I had not done for a long, long time. I wound some shuttles and tatted! Can you imagine? It had been such a long time, after having been too busy, too tired, too disorganized. Since then, I've managed to do a little every day, as you can see above. The second one is still in bad need of blocking. I haven't managed to scan the rest.

This was the master bedroom in the "before" stage.

Take a closer look at that wallpaper border. Seriously??!! I wouldn't have been able to sleep with all that going on.

This is "after", well, almost. I replaced that green carpet after taking the picture. Simple is good.


  1. Those bookmarks are so cool! I love when picots are used as a main part of piece, as opposed to being just decorative or just for joining. (:

  2. It's good to "see" you again, Martha! Your bookmarks are beautiful. I'm really intrigued by the top one.

    I agree... simple is good. I'm afraid those dancing bears would have kept me awake all night long!

  3. Martha,
    The long picots are wonderful and very beautiful!

    About those dancing bears....They look like they're, how loud could that be?

    hope your day is grand!

  4. Both bookmarks look lovely, I am interested in the second purple one, and wondering how you did the pattern.

  5. Though I kinda like the dancing bears (in someone else's house), I understand why They Had To Go.

    Your BR looks peaceful. I KNOW you're happy!

    Glad you're back! looking forward to seeing you at Tat Days!

  6. You should be having lots of sweet dreams in the new room--it turned out pretty. Those tatted pieces are lovely. The woven picots are very interesting.

  7. Welcome back, Martha. I, too, prefer simple walls and floors. That way I can change the feel of a room by what I put in it.

    That bear wall paper is very interesting though. It reminds me of a child's picture book.

    Your tatting is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

  8. All your hard work (scraping and stripping and priming and painting) is paying off! The new master bedroom looks much more restful.

    Love your latest tatting!

  9. You're certainly filling up on challenges here! Playing with long picots and rennovating rooms - great work on both. As always.

  10. those bookmarks are so beautiful. kinda like magic.

  11. So nice to see you!

    I'm with John, here...those dancers are 'en pointe,' so I really do not know why you can't b"bear" them!

    The bookmarks are wonderful - especially the long, crossed picots. lovely.

    Fox ; )

  12. Those bookmarks are awesome! :)