Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was lucky to win a give-away from Tatting it Up. The shuttle looks like woodgrain, but it's actually made from vinyl.

She also included some thread that she dyed herself. Isn't it pretty? She had instuctions for dying thread on her blog a day or too ago. Thank you so much.

My new house's previous owner was quite a gardener, and I am enjoying the plants very much. I don't know much about them, so I don't know what I've got until it blooms. I was happy to find out a couple of bushes were hydrangeas. Some tall skinny plants turned out to be lilies. (The rather hardy fern at the base of a leggy rose bush turned out to be plastic -- can't win them all.) This weekend, this stunning thing appeared. It's huge, at least 6 inches across. Hibiscus, maybe?


  1. Yes you are right it is Hibiscus, they are lovely shrubs but you have to be careful with cold winters, I dont know where you are in the world, but they dont like frosts.
    Lovely shuttle well done on winning it.

  2. Anika sure did a great job with the shuttle and thread! I can hardly wait to see what you make... no pressure!

    I'm not sure what the flower is, but it sure is pretty!

  3. Yep, hibiscus. That is a gorgeous shuttle!

  4. That's a cool win, Martha. Enjoy your new thread and shuttle.

    I think it's hibiscus. Enjoy your garden too. :)

  5. Aren't surprises such as these the best? So pleased to read that you are discovering many happy accidents with your new garden. Enjoy all the lovely blooms AND the vinyl shuttle with HDT!

  6. Now personally my favourite garden plant that you've got there is the plastic fern!!!! I could grow THAT!!! Lovely shuttle and HDT.