Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Let's Play "What is it?" in the Garden

I am blessed (and sometimes cursed) with the many flowers and plants left by the people we bought our house from last year. I am still trying to figure out what some of them are.

These 2 pictures are of a little plant, only a few inches high.  I have a larger one of the same, but it's in the shade and not blooming.  Sorry these pictures are so poor.  The flowers were a deeper pink in real life, and looked better before a really heavy rain.

These yellow flowers must be either perennials or enthusiastic self seeding annuals.  I think I've got a lot more of them now than last year.  The plants are in the 12-16 inch high range, and the blooms are slightly cupped.

This one looks sort of like the four-o'clock pictures in my flower book, but the blooms are open by the time I get up in the late morning.  The size and foliage are very similar to the yellow flowers.

Any guesses?  Next time I get to a garden center, I'll be looking to see if I can recognize them there.

Next time, more tatting, I promise.


  1. Hi, Martha! I'll take a poke - I believe you have astilbe, evening primroses, and garden phlox (not to be confused with the earlier blooming creeping phlox).

    Many hugs!

  2. Oh dear, I know some of the plants, but I only know the dutch names, the first is a spirea, and the last is we call flox. But I don't know if that's helpful to you...

  3. pretty flowers, sorry, I looked up my first thought on the yellow just to be sure but I was wrong. so I don't know. as for the 4 O'clocks, mine will bloom in the early afternoon as they are on the east side of the house, and if it is cloudy, they think it is early evening.

  4. Don't know about the first 2 pictures but the last one looks like a Phlox. My great aunt who lived in London with a tiny garden used to grow these and I have one in my garden in memory of her

  5. Hi Martha,
    I can't ID your flowers, though they are pretty. I did want to share a link with you. I have found this to be very helpful for me.

    I have found out so many wonderful things there.

    Best of luck! And, I will see you at Tat Days!

    Linda R

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  7. The first photo, the whitish-pink spike flower, is an astilbe. The second yellow one is common evening primrose. The last one is some type of wild phlox; you can tell that it's not dame's rocket because it has five petals and opposite leaf arrangement. Keep them all! They're beautiful!

  8. We seem to be in the same boat. I wish I could identify these for you, but I can't. They are very pretty and I'm sure you are enjoying them, as I am my mystery plants!

  9. Thanks for all the help identifying these. Now I can read up on how to take care of them or where to transplant them.