Saturday, June 02, 2012

Palmetto Preview

I'm not sure when registration will open for the Palmetto event, but you can tell they are getting close with all the new things added on their website. Click here for the Tat Days page. You'll see links there for pictures of the class projects and the class schedule. I'm getting excited just looking at it. Here is a quick run-down of the classes I will be teaching:

First is the "Love of Beads Heart" that is the same one I taught at Finger Lakes. Since this is pretty much repetition after the first section, we decided to put it in a short class period. You should learn all you need to know during class so you can finish it later. This can be needle tatted, but only if your needle can fit through the beads. Carolyn G. needle tatted this in my class in NY and she showed me how to do the lock stitch chain.

This class is "An Inverted Tatting Garden." It has lots of little patterns using the inverted tatting technique. Needle tatters welcome too.

This is the fairy I showed you before. It uses both inverted tatting and the daisy picot stitch. No, you don't have to take then other inverted tatting class first. You can learn the technique in either class. Of course, anyone is welcome in both classes....
I never can tell how long it will take people to make the class projects. Sometimes it takes much longer than I would have thought, and other times a few people at least speed right through it. Just in case anyone finishes the fairy with time left over, that class handout includes the bunny pattern from the garden class.

Be sure and follow the link at the beginning to see the other teachers' class projects.  There are so many classes I would take if I could only be multiple places at the same time.

I hope to see lots of you there.


  1. I wish I could attend, but I live in New Zealand. Will they be avalible anyways?

  2. Lovely patterns, I wish I could join you but I am in the uk.

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Martha, beautiful, beautiful! The fairy is gorgeous and the garden magnificent!!
    Katie V in NC

  4. Wish I was closer, I'd come! I would have an awful time making up my mind on what classes to take but I'd be willing to suffer that hardship if I could just be there:-) Do have fun!

  5. Those are all so wonderful!! :)

  6. The patterns will be available later. The Palmetto folks always make a CD of all the class handouts that becomes available for the general public in the fall.