Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Got Thread?

I fell in love with Jess's "Forest Dusk" hand dyed thread and decided to treat myself. While I was at it, I choose a few more colors, and then took advantage of her special offer to give away some random skeins with each purchase.

She has a thread give-away going away on her Tat-ilicious blog, so check that out.

I am dying to try out some of this thread, but perhaps first I should get to work on making Christmas presents, or finish my Lace Mat, or work on my new pattern that still looks a lot like this:

Can I really wait that long? Probably not...

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for help with using Blogger.  I've been able to make the improvements I was hoping for.


  1. I recognise your WIP in the last picture. It's mine!!! Well, it looks like my work when I'm trying out new designs!! SOOO pleased to find somebody else using the 'hit and miss' method!!!
    I ADORE Jess's HDT - just love her cheerful colours.

  2. Gorgeous thread, and I think your tatted bits are a butterfly, I look forward to finding out what it might be.

  3. Aren't HDTs the best? Have fun with your new threads!