Wednesday, June 12, 2013

His Day Out -- The Tank Museum

(Please stand by, we will return to our regular scheduled tatting shortly....)

We went to The Tank Museum!  They got tanks!  

Also artillery pieces, rifles, ammunition, medals, uniforms, a helicopter, vintage VWs, bayonets, helmets, Martian spacecraft, more tanks, military bicycles, anti-aircraft missile, an armored car, commemorative pillow cases, the shuttle craft Galileo, cavalry gear, historic photographs, toy tanks, vintage uniforms for sale, gun turrets, portraits, a little submarine, flags, a howitzer, a velociraptor, tools, and some more tanks.

Seriously, though, anyone like my DH, who is interested in this, would find the extensive collection at the American Armoured Foundation Inc.'s Tank & Ordnance War Memorial Museum quite impressive.

As an innocent bystander, I was able to keep myself amused, as with this delightfully inexplicable display.

In the rooms with uniforms on mannequins, I whispered, "As soon as we turn our backs, they come alive and eat our brains, right?"

And what's not to love in a place with life size cutouts of Elvis?

I'm just being silly; it really is very impressive.  Please do not misconstrue my weak attempt at humor to indicate any lack of respect for our armed forces.


  1. do know he is pumping gas in Tweed Ontario....the last I heard!!! (hee hee)

  2. Impressive, love the chicken.

  3. Happy to hear this. It was not until Elvis began making postumous appearances that I realized how cool he was.