Monday, June 10, 2013

My Day Out -- Agecroft & Maymont

(Still in the throes of designing, no tatting fit for public consumption.  Meanwhile, for your entertainment.....)

We recently visited Agecroft Hall in Richmond, Va. This is a 15th century manor house, built in Lancashire, England, and then disassembled and reconstructed here in the 1920's.  Our tour guide was excellent, with much to say about the house and the lifestyle of Tudor England.  During the tour, you can get very close to the wall tapestries and the embroidered bedcovers.  (Sorry, no photography allowed indoors.)  I enjoyed it immensely.

Around the house are some splendid gardens as well.

Close by at the Maymont Estate are other beautiful gardens.  This is the Italianate garden, near the Victorian era mansion, (which you can tour, if you have more time than we did).

Then go down these ornamental steps...

... and you arrive at the Japanese garden, which I really loved.  There is much more to see there, more gardens, an arboretum, and a nature center.  I recommend both of these if you find yourself in the area.


  1. I always thought it was a joke that houses were taken apart in England and reassembled in America! Clearly not, sorry about that thought.

  2. Well, it does take a millionaire and permission from Parliament to do it. The house was in imminent danger of collapse, with local mining causing the earth to shift, so it needed to be rescued.