Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Warbirds over the Beach

(no tatting today, please stay tuned...)

We had long looked forward to Warbirds over the Beach, the airshow produced by the Military Aviation Museum   of Virginia Beach, which features all WWII planes.  It is also remarkable for having a re-enactors encampment with men and women in the uniform of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and perhaps more nations.

Excitement was in air, with the drone of small planes circling overhead before the show.  We had time to look at the many planes on the ground, waiting to fly later.

The pride of their collection is the Mosquito, a rare British plane, made of wood, and restored to flying condition.

The show began. The first plane flew, the anti-aircraft gun pretended to shoot, and the paratroopers jumped.

And then the heavens opened up with a downpour.  The re-enactors welcomed the crowd to take shelter in their tents.  Later we retreated to the main building to be entertained by a concert band.

We grew hopeful as the sky began to lighten, but eventually the announcer said there would be no more flying today.  Well, we still had fun, and we'll go back next year.

More planes:

And dinosaurs too, at the entrance to the museum. 


  1. This sounds like a fun event to go to. Too bad it rained out part of the flying this year. If we ever make it back to the East coast we will have to try to make it to the museum. My husband would love this! Thanks for sharing so many pictures with us.

  2. What fun! I know your famiy enjoyed this as well. Great pics of the airplanes!