Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to the Challenge with an Old Friend and Split Rings

I recently had a nice email chat with an old friend, Karen Bovard Sayre.  We hadn't talked for along time since she hasn't made it to Palmetto for a couple of years.  Not too long ago, she got married and had a honeymoon in eastern Europe. How cool is that!  She has a new blog now, and recent entries include some free patterns and pictures of lace she saw on her trip.  She has a new book coming out soon, and on her website, she shares lots of useful information she learned about self-publishing books, plus some articles on the history of split ring tatting and more.

All this reminded me that I hadn't made any of the designs from her first book yet, and my personal 25 Motif Challenge is to get those unused books off the shelf.  So here is a cross from Fun with Split Ring Tatting, with tail added to make it a bookmark.  All the patterns are in diagram form, and very easy to read.


  1. Your cross looks wonderful!!! I love the design!! :)

  2. How pretty lots of split chains and your friend likes them too :)

  3. Your cross bookmark looks lovely