Saturday, October 19, 2013

Miranda's Pendant & Contest

Recently, I was privileged to test-tat this pendant for Tatting Fool.  It will be for sale on her blog soon, with the proceeds going to charity.

 I found the pattern very clear and easy to do.  Mine is all one color, but it is made up of lots of little pieces, so you could make many variations using colors different ways.  It does require these special findings, but in the pattern she tells you where to get them, and the company offers free shipping on orders over $10.

Or even better, you could win the findings, the pattern, and some more good things in her contest to name the pattern. Click here for details.

It was gratifying to see so many comment on my recent vacation post.  Some previous travelogues had not gotten much attention, so I was thinking they weren't appreciated.  There is more tatting to come.  I've been doing quite a bit, but somehow I don't seem to get the pieces blocked and scanned.  I blame Pinterest and I Can Haz Cheeseburger for my lack of productivity.


  1. Beautiful pendant, love the colour

  2. I did go to her blog and get the skinny on all that and put in my suggestion too! this looks very good and they all did sure it will be a big hit!

  3. Yours is very pretty Martha. yes, those sites can cause you to spend time away from other pursuits.