Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vacation Time

We had a vacation in the mountains, and while I was saddened that the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was closed, I decided to be happy and enjoy the trip.

We had a fine time at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre with a musical comedy melodrama.  This family owned small theatre has been there for decades.  Following the main play, there were more musical numbers and a sing-along.  When was the last time you got to sing "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am" with a hundred other people?

Gatlinburg is a town with a dual personality.  There are both the tourist trap attractions, and a long standing artist and craftsman community.  My favorite is the Arrowcraft Shop, which is almost like an arts and crafts gallery.  All the artists displayed are members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, and every thing is beautiful: pottery, baskets, woodwork, jewelry... There is often a crafting demonstration going on.

Also in town is the Spinnery, a very nice yarn shop.  I think I bought enough roving to keep me spinning for a year.

On the outskirts of town is the Arts & Crafts Community, with probably 100 shops.  There wasn't any tatting, but there was a bead shop and a quilt shop.  Apple Annie's had nice vintage linens.  Alewine Pottery had exceptionally nice pottery and a work room where you could watch 2 potters at work.  I got to watch a lady making really pretty brooms at the Ogle Broom shop.

Meanwhile, back in town, there were almost continual live bluegrass bands playing in front of both moonshine stores.  I love bluegrass.  DH hates it, so I didn't make him come along.

While the National parks were closed, I found this city park where I could walk along side the creek for a bit.

Are you bored yet?  Tatting will resume shortly.


  1. Sounds lovely. Your last photograph looks just like a storebought postcard! What a lovely experience it must have been.

  2. No I was not bored, I found your piece most interesting, as I have said before I have never been to or likely to get over the pond to see the US so I always enjoy seeing places I will never visit.
    I like to share about places that I have been too and hope everyone enjoys reading my pieces as much as I do reading about their holiday

  3. NEVER bored and interesting to me as I've been to Galinburg too some years ago.

  4. I haven't been there in years, but we sure had a great time when we were there. Maybe it's time to go back!

  5. No, no, not bored at all! Your holiday sounds delightful (even if I share your hubby's dislike of Bluegrass music). Glad you had an enjoyable time in a lovely setting.

  6. I just got through on that visit they closed the park the day we planned on a hike. But we found fun things to do as well. great place to go!

  7. It seems you did make the best of it!
    I also enjoy reading about places right here in the USA! I've enjoyed your other trips, too! Not boring at all!