Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lost & Found & etc

During these scannerless months, I haven't been too happy with my photos of motifs.  But the camera is better for things that aren't flat, like this bracelet.  Yippee, I have found my long lost Palmetto class bracelet.  I had given it up for lost, but it turned up while I was looking for something else. Of course.  Someone had given me the teapot clasp the year before and I saved it until this perfect project came along. Isn't it sweet?

The pattern is the "Single Shuttle Beady Braid" by Erin Holloway, and it is actually much easier than it looks.  The pattern is available on the Palmetto Tat Days 2014 Pattern CD, and ordering information is Here.

DH has finally located the scanner installation disc, so I hope to be back to scanning soon.


For those who didn't get the full story of what I was ranting about last time:  People scan pattern books and post them online, which is copyright infringement.  Then those same people, or someone else who has found their websites, pin the pages on Pinterest or share them on Facebook, etc.  Then other people who may not be thinking about copyright issues repin them and it goes on from there,  The author/designer may not even be aware this is going on.

You may see a pattern online with no designer's name or copyright notice, and assume it's not copyrighted.  But that's probably not true.  The author's name and copyright notice usually appear just at the beginning of the book, not on every page, but each page is still under legal copyright.  If you see a pattern (whether written out or diagrammed) that's nicely done, especially if it looks like a page from a book, there is a high likelihood that it is copyrighted.  Even a free pattern is under copyright, and the designer may have asked that it not be reposted elsewhere.

If you see a pattern posted on Pinterest, think twice before re-pinning it.  Click on it to see the source of the image.  If that does not take you to the designer's own site, or some other clearly recognizable reputable site, it could be a pirated pattern.  If you aren't positive that the pattern was posted by the designer him/herself, then don't re-pin to avoid the possibility of spreading the piracy problem.  Don't re-pin questionable images because that's the right thing to do.  Or do it from self-interest.  Pinterest says, "Pinterest enforces a repeat infringer policy that may result in the termination of users who acquire multiple strikes as a result of copyright complaints."  You wouldn't want to find yourself in that situation so be responsible about pinning patterns.

The exception is public domain patterns, whose copyright has expired.  There are complex rules that govern this, so again, if you aren't sure, it's safest not to do it.


  1. I'm glad you found your bracelet. I had a ring that was missing for six years. I found it tucked away in a jewelry pouch when I was reorganizing. Sometimes lost items show up in the strangest places!

    Thank you for the info regarding Pinterest. I've been on the site, but honestly, I find it to be another way to waste my time. I really need it for tatting! I hope others who read your blog will take your words to heart. As for me, I'm going to go back and check the items I have pinned to make sure I don't have any patterns.

  2. Wonderful bracelet and clasp, glad you found it again! There's a lot of ignorance, so good for you for stating the issues so people learn about copyright.

  3. I love the bracelet, your color choices are luscious!
    I have your Minions from Tat Days as my computer's opening screen. You start my days with a smile. Maybe you could teach them this year?
    Linda R

    1. Alas, the minions would not make a good class. They are a bit fiddly and very time-consuming. Since they are based on a trademarked design, I made just a few without writing a pattern lest I got into copyright issues myself.

  4. Awesome bracelet!!!! Fabulous color and wonderful clasp and toggle!!! :)

  5. I'm so, so sad that you've had these problems with Pinterest. I left it for a while but have re-joined but will never, ever pin on my board. I only re-joined so I could back up people like you who have this problem. I rate you as an ACE designer and would never dream of giving away your designs in case you stopped coming up with more fun for the rest of us.

  6. Thank you for the post. Let me first say that I apologize if I have inadvertently pirated you. I take to heart what you've said today. I was accused of stealing because I tatted a piece and asked for help to cite the designer. I didn't want to take credit but the image I had, yes from Pinterest, didn't have a designer name on it. But I did try to find out who author and designer was so I could cite to say "Thank you" but, I should've known not too do that even though I was trying to locate the designer.
    I said all that to say that, we do need to be more mindful of the hard work designers. Pirating is a horrible thing to do. I since them have not posted any work that I was unable to cite who designed the pattern. I have also since removed all patterns from my pc. That doesn't have a watermark or name on it. I know is not much but it's a start.

  7. Lovely bracelet, I am glad you found it, funny how things that are lost turn up in the strangest places.
    Pinterest has some good ideas but a lot of people just don't understand or care about copyright issues. It's time pinterest made it clear to all users.

  8. Pretty bracelet and I love the clasp! So glad you found it.
    Thank you for this post. After reading I also went to my Pinterest boards to make sure there weren't any printed patterns in them. There is such beautiful work out there that it could be easy not to pay attention to where or how they were gotten. Thanks again.