Sunday, January 25, 2015

Victoria by Monica Hahn, a Rediscovered Angel

Have you ever paged through a tatting book and found a pattern you had never noticed before, or had forgotten about?  That happened to me.  When my eyes first fell on the page, I was reminded of Mark Myer's style, but when I looked closer, I realized it was a little known pattern by Monica Hahn, called Victoria.  It was very interesting to make, but there were rather a lot of ends to work in, so it languished on the UFO pile for a while.

Then I was reminded and finished it up when I got an email from Georgia this week.  She said, "Hello Tatters,
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There is a possibility that Book 5 of the Ribbonwinners Series "Tatting with Friends" may be back in print next May. I am going to start a waiting list. If interested please email. Thanks."  

This is the very book I had used.  I had considered myself very lucky to have acquired a used copy since it had been unavailable for a long time.  This is a huge anthology style book edited and published by Georgia in 1998.  The contents page reads like a Who's Who of tatting: Doretha Albee, Judi Banashek, Karen Bovard, Angeline Crichlow, Patti Duff, Ben Fikkert, Randy & Gary Houtz, Norma Benporath, Pam Palmer, Rosemarie Peel, Helma Siepmann, Suzann Welker.  And that's just a sampling.  

If you are interested, email Georgia for more information at, aktatter(at)aol(dot)com        (fill in the @ and . symbols)

And don't forget, the Online Class has started again after the holiday break.  There is regular class on Mondays, and beginners class on Thursdays. Click HERE for information.


  1. Das ist ein wunderschöner Engel!

  2. Fascinating angel. Her dress is really interesting. Sounds like a book well worth reissuing.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Martha! I did receive Georgia's email, but with all the hurry scurry of the week, I think I might have forgotten to email her, and I would love to own this book.

    That's a very pretty angel! Now I envision a Christmas tree filled with angels. I really must retire so that I have more time to tat!

  4. Very cute, and I see where the style does seem to reflect those one shuttle patterns styles of old, its a great fill in. Oh those tiny little rings back and forth, and thank you for the information it's great!

  5. Thanks for those kind words, Martha.

  6. Awesome angel!!! :)