Sunday, January 04, 2015

Nothing to See Here

Yes, I've been quiet for a long time....

I have a reason for not posting for so long, or actually two reasons.  I've been without the use of a scanner for the last few months, and what's a blog post without a picture?  I can't seem to manage to successfully download the driver so the scanner will work with the laptop, and DH hasn't gotten around to fixing my ailing desktop computer yet. Or locating the setup disk that came with the scanner.  Oh, and the second reason is I was too lazy to post about it.

Yes, I could have used the camera instead, but I haven't been happy with the quality of my pictures of tatting.  Most of what I've been tatting lately is for future book(s), and I'm not posting any pictures of pattens for sale without watermarks.  That's just too much bother for pictures that aren't acceptable quality anyway.  And also, there's that business of getting out the camera, discovering the battery need charging, and trying to remember where I put the cables needed to attach it to  the aforementioned wretched laptop, since it doesn't have  a slot for the camera memory chip. Did I mention I was lazy?

I could have posted about the other pictures that were stored in the camera from our trips in the fall. Yet another airshow, anyone?

But now the new quandary: Jane's TIAS begins in just a few days.  For the few who don't know, that's a tat along project with just a bit of the instructions released at at time.  People send in their inprogress pictures and try to guess what the mystery motif will turn out to be.  It's so much fun to play along, I just may pull out the camera so I don't have to miss out this year.

Also in the news, the Palmetto TatDays Call for Teachers, and logo contest has been announced.  Get details HERE.  Please note the deadline is much earlier than usual.

The Antique Pattern Library met their year end funding goal and can continue in business as a non-profit organization.  Thank you to all the tatters who contributed.  I know many of you responded to Georgia's appeal for donations.  The APL is a wonderful source for vintage tatting patterns and all other sorts of needlework.


  1. Thank you for all the information and work you have done with the fiber Arts! We will all wait patiently for pictures, but know you are an excellent tatter. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I'm thinking of getting a new printer/scanner. I have a new computer, and I just can't get the old printer to work properly. Technology is great when it isn't frustrating! I hope to see pictures of your work soon!

  3. When computers (etc) work, they are wonderful. When they don't, they don't even make good door stops. The in between is a very frustrating zone. Hope the hubby will take on that area for you.
    Thanks for posting. It is good to know you are well.

  4. You need to get an SD Card to USB adaptor ( then you can just plug your card into the computer without hunting up any cables. It runs faster that way too. I sympathize about not updating your blog, too. Mine's been languishing since last August!