Sunday, June 07, 2015

Angel Book and Palmetto Angel classes

Some of you have asked, yes the new book is all angels.  "A Flight of Angels" is the tentative title.  Here's another sample.  This one needs to go back on the blocking board before I re-scan it and make the diagram.  That wing raised up as if to wave is cute, but I want the diagram to be more symmetrical.

Interestingly, Iris recently posted about all the difficult steps in writing a tatting book.  You can read what she has to say here.  I don't have quite so many steps perhaps, but it is still very time consuming.  For example, I had 7 patterns I thought were done, but then I had to go back and fix the diagrams on every one. That means go to Serif Draw and change the diagram and export as PDF. Then open in Photoshop to crop. Then go to the pattern in Word and insert the new picture, update its text wrapping setting and resize till it fits on the page like the old one.  There may be easier ways, but I'm self taught, so these are the methods I've stumbled onto.

New flash!! Registration is now open for classes at Palmetto Tat Days.  This link will take you to their homepage, and you can look at the classes and get to the Registration page rom there. Palmetto Link


  1. That still sounds like a lot of work, Martha! I'm really looking forward to this book. I'll need an autographed copy, of course! ;-)

  2. Sounds a nightmare but the book sounds so interesting, I am looking forward to seeing it. Hope you can now get it published

  3. Wonderful angel design!! :)