Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wiosna, still

I didn't drop out -- I've just been very busy.  Mostly it just stays crumpled in its little bag, but once in a while it gets to come out and play.

This was 2 weeks ago.  Why can't I get around to blogging? Gah.

On a bright note, I picked my first tomato of the season yesterday.  It got to sit on the kitchen counter and be admired and fondled, and today I will have a tomato sandwich.   Tomato sandwiches, it's a Southern thing.


  1. Wonderful to be able to have a sandwich with tomato from your own garden! It's good to have a project that waits until you're ready to go back to it.

  2. Yum, we have those sandwiches here too. Your tatting and colors are lovely, scrunching has not taken away from its tatted beauty, not one little bit.

  3. Such pretty colors. I, too, am just too busy to keep at it, and it stays in my bag for the most part. It will just be that much sweeter when finished :)

  4. That is one GORGEOUS work in progress! **drool.drool*

  5. Yum! Tomato sandwiches are the best. Your doily is looking good.

  6. The Wiosna is looking quite spring/summery ! Very pretty.
    I'm stuck on the last few repeats of the last round :-( Just can't get back into the rhythm with so many new things distracting me in wonderTATland ;-P

  7. So pretty! Love pink and green.

    I am curious about that shuttle. I don't think it is a LaCossette. Whose is it?

    1. Actually, it is by LaCosette. I have 2 of these and I love them.

  8. Oh is that doily pretty!! :)

  9. It's going to look lovely when you finish it, I have one here sitting on my pile looking at me, just can't get the engery up to finish it.
    I am having the same pleasure you strawberries, I brought some new plants this year and every other day I get a couple to eat, it's nice to eat what you grow.