Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, or a joyous holiday of your choice.  

There's not been much to report, just lots of knitting, which is going very slowly.  I did take a little break from the socks to figure out this edging from "La Frivolite" from the Cartier Bresson company, which is available from the Antique Pattern Library.  An overview is here, and a pdf download here.  The challenge was recreating it in modern tatting.  In the original, the center row is tied, not joined, to the next rows, and sometimes 3 picots are tied together.  My notes are a bit sketchy, but I hope to get them written out properly one of these days.

Meanwhile, as part of my Christmas celebration, I made the trip across town to see the tree balls, a famous tradition in my city. 

My pictures never capture the full splendor, but maybe this video that shows the scope of the decorations, if not the full after dark magic, will show you why we are always excited about them. Maybe some year I will make it to the Running of the Balls event as well.  


  1. Happy holidays 💖
    The edging looks pretty, as are many other patterns from the book.
    It is interesting to see the Vast number of knots used to tie those numerous individual motifs !!! And here we now are fearful of tie and cut even after a full row/round and need climbing out pathways 😆

  2. I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas

  3. Your edging is very beautiful!!! :)
    Love the tree balls!!