Friday, February 20, 2009

More about Hector

When I posted my Hector class project last time, I meant to challenge the other teachers (or the ones with blogs anyway) to show their class projects too, just to show everyone how much fun it will be. It was a while before I realized that I forgot to say that. Anyway, a list of the classes follows. The entire registration flyer may be found in the files section of Yahoo Celtic Tatting (as pdf) and Here be Tatters (as Word doc). If anyone wants, I could email it as a doc attachment to you.

Hector fun:

90-minute classes – offered Saturday 10:30- noon, Sunday 1:30-3:00 pm. You may take one each day – please indicate a first, second and third choice on your registration sheet.

A) Chaine Maille Earrings – Bina Madden - Learn how to tat and interlock rings in the Byzantine chain maille pattern, deciding on ring size (number of stitches)based on your individual tension and size of thread; a unique thread hiding method to make rounded instead of tear drop shaped rings will be taught. You will need size 20 thread; alternatively you may use DMC metallic pearl cotton size 5 thread (25 yd skein split to two threads, not DMC metallic on the spool); Dritz Looped Needle Threaders or preferred needle for sewing in the end. You will also need a pair of ear wires (available from vendors).

B) Tatted Tea Coaster – Sarah Kelley – Tat a coaster in the shape of a teapot. You will need a Tatsy tatting shuttle and heavy cotton (these items available from vendors)

C) Christmas Tea Ornament - Ginny Weathers – Designed by to fit over a glass ball, this gorgeously ornate ornament uses lots of beads, including some special ones provided by Ginny, and a long-beaded-picot technique that will be taught in class. Kit fee ($3) includes the ornament, special beads and coil less safety pins. You will need to bring to class about 400 seed beads (size 10 or 11). Pre-stringing information will be sent with your confirmation

D) Orange Picot Bookmark – Karey Solomon - Play with picot variations while creating a bookmark to mark your pages when teatime is over. You will need two shuttles and size 20 thread in the color of your choice – Orange, (Earl) Gray, Green, or another favorite.

E) Tea Party BLING BLING! - Ruth Perry - for advanced beginners on up, create a stretchy tatted bracelet with a combination of Celtic Tatting, Daisy Picot technique, and Dora Young's knotless tatting (also known as split chain technique) using Marie Smith's easy split chain method. These techniques will be taught in the class. Students may bring a small tatted motif to attach to their bracelet, buttons or bracelet charms. Beads, buttons, thread, and charms will be included in the kit ($5) for the class. Take home a bling-i-fied stretchy tatted bracelet, and the techniques to apply tatting to anything, including stretchy closed-circle bracelets, hair bands, even tea cup/wineglass bangles.

F) Beaded Block Tatted Heart – Kaye Judt - Proclaim your love for tatting, tea, or anything else. This block tatted adornment can be decorated with a variety of bead designs. Students need 150 size 10 or size 11 seed beads in a heart color threaded onto 1 ball of size 10 or 20 tatting thread, one shuttle (do not wind) or size 5 tatting needle, and usual tatting supplies.

3-hour classes offered Saturday 1-4:30 (includes tea-and-raffle-break) and Sunday 9:30 -12:30

G) 3-D Tea Blossom – Sabina Cardin (Bina) Madden - this diminutive, sculpted blossom uses rings and Josephine rings that may be tatted two different ways (loop-tatted ring off ring or mock rings with ring off ring) and Bina will teach you both of them. Bring size 20 thread in a floral color and complimentary size 11 seed beads plus 5 green size 11 seed beads; also bring green thread to tat over wire for the stem. Other supplies will be provided in class. Bina, from Everett, WA, is known to many as the developer of the Half Moon Split Ring and the Celtic Knotted Picot, and she is the “Thoughts On Tatting” editor for the IOLI (International Old Lacers, Inc.) Bulletin.

H) Maltese Teapot – Martha Ess - This sweet, two-color teapot introduces the Maltese Ring. This pattern will be in Martha’s forthcoming book and we get a chance to be among the first to enjoy it. You will need two colors in size 20 or 30 thread and two shuttles. Martha returns to Hector from Greensboro, NC. She is the designer/author of “New Critters on the Block” (block-tatted animals), “Tat’s Amoré,” (collection of heart patterns) and “Holidays on the Block,” (block tatted animals and other motifs).

I) Wide pendant necklace – Nina Libin - Dark beads and gold thread (kits will be available for $10) create an elegant Beanile-tatted necklace. Students who wish to string their own beads should contact the instructor for directions (; otherwise bring shuttles, preferably without picks or crochet hooks. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and now living in New York City, Nina is the author of "Tatted Lace of Beads, the Techniques of BEANILE Lace” published by LACIS in 1998 and the newsletter series “Lace of Beads”.

J) Tea-Bag – Karey Solomon – A beaded tatting ball-thread holder will be tatted using size 5 thread, beads and a cabone ring, to attach to a small tatting bag. Learn how to tat onto a ring, lock chain and mock ring. (Kit $5 includes all materials and pre-strung beads) Bring at least two tatting shuttles and a fine crochet hook. Karey has 19 tatting pattern collections in print, writes and edits “Tatting Times” a quarterly tatting newsletter and is one of the organizers of this conference.