Thursday, August 30, 2012

Easy-Peasy Lanyard Idea

Lots of people like to make decorative lanyards for their TatDays name tags. You could use lanyards for badges at work too, or make a shorter length for a bracelet.

Some people have very elaborate lanyards, either a wide strip of edging or something with lots of beads. If you don't have the time for that, here's an idea for something relatively quick and easy, but more interesting than a simple string of split rings.

To make this, use 2 shuttles with a different color of thread on each.  
Ring: 10 ds, very small picot 10 ds. Close ring. Turn, Switch shuttles
Lock Stitch Chain: 5 stitches, each stitch is one flipped and one unflipped half stitch,  lock join to picot of ring.  (If the ring is in the way, fold it down while making the chain. When I make the lock join, the chain is sort of laying on top of the ring.)
Repeat for desired length.  By turning after each ring, both sides will look almost the same.

If you do not turn after each ring, then you get a distinct front and back side as seen below.  Choose which way you like best.

The inspiration for this came from erroneously guessing how Jane's SSSR and LSCH Bracelet was constructed.  She says the inspiration for the bracelet was from something I had made. What fun!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Guy Stuff Day -- Winston Salem Air Show

DH suggested we go to the Winston Salem Air Show. A good time was had by all. Aerial acrobatics, vintage WWII planes, a Harrier hovering mid-air...

Note to self, next time don't forget the sunscreen.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Needing a Break -- Athalia

I was working on a involved project for so long that I was desperate for a change of pace. Fox's Athalia pattern provided an excellent diversion. Both of these are with size 20 thread, the upper one is Tat-ilicious' Harvest and the other is some Lizbeth. I didn't have any filigree doo-dads like the pattern, so I substituted buttons. The upper one is 1/2 inch and the white one is 3/4 inch. Diane at Lace Lovin' Librarian just happens to be having a give-away of just that sort of finding. Better hurry, it's first come,first serve. Many thanks to Fox for sharing the pattern and Diane for giving away doo-dads.

Meanwhile, in the garden, can anyone identify this plant?  The standing up one, not the crabgrass beside it.  A few of these came up by themselves in awkward locations so I might try to move them.

Also, in the garden, or NOT in the garden, I don't have any tomatoes.  I had some just starting to ripen, but one morning they were all gone, except one on the ground with teeth marks in it.  Deer I suppose.  I see do-it- yourself recipes for Deer-Be-Gone, but they all seem to include raw eggs.  Has anyone tried this?  Does it work? Just how bad does it smell and how long does the smell last?

Meanwhile, on the spinning front, the roving I once showed you has been
and skeined.  Now to select a pattern.....