Thursday, September 07, 2023

Palmetto Projects

In an all-time record, I finished my Palmetto Tat-Days projects the evening I arrived home.  And then it is taking weeks and weeks for me to show them to you.

Up top are 2 classes with Karey Solomon.  The 3-D strawberry has an emery filling to help keep needles clean and untarnished, like the strawberry attachment on old-time tomato-shaped pincushions. Remember those? You could make one with regular stuffing if you don't have emery type materials on hand. The ice drop spider was a lot of fun, and the floating spiral chains were a useful technique to learn.  The legs are sticking out every which-way, and I could probably wet them and tame them into position, but that would be, you know, efficient.

Sharren Morgan's ornament class had a choice of 2 snowflakes and a wreath, which I made in unwreathlike colors, but will look good on my miniature white and gold Christmas tree.  I look forward to making the other ornaments in the class handout.  The wire tatting class with Kelli Slack was also fun, and something different.  The class assignment was just to get comfortable working with the wire and make rings and joins. I have more wire to play with later.

You will note that I have only 4 projects here.  I was teaching the other 3 class periods.  I have printed many of the other class lessons to make later.

You can go to the Palmetto website and see all the class projects and purchase all the class handouts as a digital download.  I recommend it.