Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eeek! Spider!

Jane recently posted instructions for a new method for tatting a floating chain, with this spider pattern to try it out. Floating chains are really fiddly for me, (think split chain with one end that won't stay put) so I thought this was worth a try.

Well, the tatting part goes pretty easy, but when I pull the thread end back through the stitches, I have a terrible time with the thread twisting and tangling. Those of you who don't tat as tightly as I do (ie, almost everyone) may not have so much of a problem. Anyway, it was a fun exercise, and a potentially useful new technique.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Peacock Blue

Sometimes I buy thread colors because I have a project in mind. Sometimes I buy a random ball of thread because the color calls out to me. This thread was all but jumping up and shouting at me. This is Lizbeth 657. The label calls it Ocean Turquoise Dark, but I call it peacock blue. I love this thread. In real life, it's brighter and just a tiny bit greener than it shows on the screen.

First, I made the Luna moth pattern shared by Pamela (Totus Mel) here. Then I teamed it up with some bright yellow and worked Sharren Morgan's Flag Tail Dragonfly from this year's Palmetto Pattern CD. I had enough thread left on the shuttles to make a little parasol by Karey from an issue of Tatting Times.

I'll be looking for more things to make with this thread.

This makes more than enough motifs to wrap up this round of my 25 Motif Challenge. The theme this time had been any motif that I did not design myself. I'll just start over again soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Challenge Motifs

I've been tatting up a storm lately. Here are a handful of projects in no particular order. (That's because I can't remember the sequence I made them...)

This bookmark is Pamela Kite's "Christina Edging" from Georgia's Tatting Online book. The threads are Lizbeth variegated #130 and Raspberry Pink #623. I got samples of these through the Thread Exchange Blog. I know people love or hate Lizbeth thread. Well, I love this variegate, and it's on my list to buy. Instead of trying to use an entire exchange sample for a project, I just wound a shuttleful of both, so I have some left over for something else.
This is Anne B's Seahorse Dragon, adapted from a pattern by Deb Arnold. This is a wonderful pattern (and so is the original seahorse). Anne has great designs and we both love dragons. The threads are a handpainted thread by Karey Solomon and a silver/grey Lizbeth. I love Karey's threads because of the way the colors flow at random. Click here for Jane's recent interview with Karey about her threads.

This one is theBlooming Trellis Bookmark by Eliz (Tatknot). This is worked in assorted vintage size 70/80. Most Celtic type designs are worked in three parts, but her takes just two.

This last one is Lauren Snyder's "Pearl Tatted Bookmark", also from the Tatting Online book edited by Georgia. I always thought this one looked intimidating, but I finally gave it a try. (Sorry the picture isn't great. I've lost my pale blue paper that I liked to use as a background for white.)
I think this makes Motifs 21-24 for my 25 Motif Challenge.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Home from the Fair

After where I left off last time, later I returned to the local fair to see how I did. (Actually that was two weeks ago, but my blog is getting further and further behind real life.) The first thing I saw was this tatting edged table cloth and napkins (Not mine!) which I was happy to see won a blue ribbon and a judge's award. I'm glad she got this recognition, and luckily for me, this was entered in a luncheon set category where I wasn't competing.

Here's a closer look:

I chose the category "item decorated with tatting" for my handkerchief, and was delighted to win the blue ribbon.

I saw only one other entry in this category, a pillowcase, I think. Please forgive the over-cropped picture. (I wonder if the crafter meant it to be displayed in that ziplock bag? I've learned it's wise to give instructions about removing protective covering for a competition.)

Since that's the only tatting-dedicated category in the "Adult" age group, I have to be creative in using other categories. Here you see my Elgiva Nicholl's heart entered under "Needlework, any other", and the Workbasket Crinoline Lady as "Needlework, picture".

The third place ribbon for "Needlework, any other" also went to tatting. I think this is Ruth Perry's Celtic Cross. I think this tatter is new to the fair, so I'm really happy to see that.

I entered one of my button necklace sets under "Jewelry, miscellaneous".

My angel from Ineke Kuperij's Nativity book won for "Decorations, Christmas tree".

I also entered "Crochet, any other" ...

... and "Basketry, basket or tray". (I made that basket quite a while ago, but there's no time limit for this fair.)

The final score came to five blue and two red ribbons, a very good result. Please keep in mind that my local fair does not have that many entries, so I'm not facing a whole lot of competition. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, greedily snapping up easy prizes, but I'm trying to promote crafting locally. I really would be happy to face more competition, so I'm hoping to see more tatting next year. I'm already planning what to make, and crossing my fingers that the pick-up day won't fall while I'm out of town for Palmetto 2011.