Sunday, October 22, 2023

State Fair Ribbons

I love going to the NC State Fair.   I saw some clogging, listened to some bluegrass, ate some weird fair food, and got my yearly block of Cheerwine flavored fudge.  

I visited with Anitra at her tatting booth inside the Village of Yesteryear, had nice chats with a weaver and a potter, and saw many beautiful crafts.

The Exhibition Building houses the ribbon competition entries.  We do not have very many tatting categories, but quilting and embroidery are especially plentiful and exquisite.

I won 2 ribbons!  I got the blue ribbon for framed/mounted tatting with this square pinwheel Dora Young pattern.  I won second place in a catch-all "other non-threaded needlework" category with a set of bookmarks, all my own patterns, mostly from Playing with Picots.  Those were my only 2 entries, so I was very pleased they both placed.  Also, I was happy to see friend's names on ribbon winners in some other categories.

Each year as I walk through the fair, I think of all the things I can make and all the categories I can enter the next year.  Will I actually make all those things in time?