Sunday, June 23, 2019

Old Salem

I recently spent a lovely day at Old Salem, in Winston-Salem, NC.

It's a living history museum, with many buildings to visit, and employees in period dress costume to explain.

Salem was founded in 1753 by Moravian settlers.

You can't go in all of the buildings, because a surprising number are still private homes!

My favorite was the Joiner's Workshop.  Ben showed us a yarn winder he was building. Small kids got to use wood planers and hand drills to work on wood.  Bigger kids like me got to try our hand using a pedal driven lathe.

The coffee pot is the emblem of Old Salem.  It was once an advertisement sign for a tin working shop.

Pretty gardens, too.

I did not expect to see anything tatting related, but I spied this kit in one of the gift shops!