Saturday, September 25, 2021

A Hanky Pattern from New England Homestead 1926

I've been actively collecting vintage magazines, especially Needlecraft and Modern Priscilla.  Sometimes some other random magazines will be included in a batch I purchase, and sometimes, they will have some patterns in them.

Here is, hopefully, the first in a series of old tatting patterns.  This one is from New England Homestead, February 6, 1926. No designer name is given.  We will have to forgive (or not) the writer of the caption, who thought both edgings were crochet.  The pages are very badly yellowed and I have cleaned up the background of the text, but only lightly touched up the image lest all the detail be lost.  I hope you will be able to click to enlarge, or to print the image so that you can read it.

Meanwhile, Leigh at is in the process of posting online all the tatting patterns from Needlecraft magazine, and will later do Modern Priscilla.  It looks like she has gotten as far as 1919 right now.  This LINK will take you to her Needlecraft bibliography page.