Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quilt Pattern Solved

This is Ann's solution to the quilt pattern. Note that another "B" section goes across the top of the "A" section, and those four parts make up the repeating pattern. Now I understand. Thanks Ann!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inherited UFOs--Part 1

I have inherited UFOs. I think I will take this one on someday. What you see above are three sections of different sizes laid out in position. Then there are hundreds of little squares and triangles in ziplock bags.

Does anyone recognize the pattern? I think I could study the way the seams are pressed to decide the sequence for piecing, but if I could locate instructions, that would be simpler. I wonder if the hand drawn diagram means that it's an original, though.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Motif Eleven-Heather's Hearts for Tracy

Please visit Heather's blog for this patterns and to read about her appeal for hearts for her friend with breast cancer. I'm running late, so she has probably already given Tracy the gift package, but I assume she can still use more for the fund raiser.

I like to combine a variegated thread with a solid and worked this version first:
(I tweaked the pattern a bit since I wanted the bottom ring in the outline color.)

Next, I was going to reverse with solid rings and variegated chains, but I wasn't having a good day. I could tell that it lacked pizazz since there wasn't enough of the variegated showing.

So then I tweaked some more and added a second row of chains. Better...

Next time, I added lots of picots instead. Besides being frilly, it allowed more color progressions to show. Happy now!

This is a nice pattern that works up quickly. The first version used Shuttle Trend Lab thread from Palmetto, and the rest are Lizbeth.
Best wishes to Heather and her friend, Tracy.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Motif Ten--Mark's Pumpkin

I hope you have seen Mark Myer's Pumpkin pattern. He does these marvelous things giving tatting the look of bobbin lace, often with some free form bits as well.

I really enjoyed making this in size 80 thread.

My pumpkin is a bit crowded on the inside, compared to the original. Either I made the picots in the outline section too small, or it just needs proper blocking. My stainless steel pins have gone missing (my craft closet is really, really scary right now...), so I couldn't do much more than press it for now.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I've been too lazy --er, um, Busy! to blog lately. We actually took a small family vacation, which we haven't done for a long, long time. We visited my sister in Maryland, and spent the next day in Washington, DC.

This is the Museum of the American Indian, with a beautiful fountain all around.

There were handcraft exhibits on the ground floor.

Look at the pineapple like necklace. Can I tat that?

Then on to the Air and Space Museum.

Then a mad dash through the Freer Gallery just before closing for the Japanese art (Sorry no pictures.)
The next day we came home via the Sky Line Drive in Virginia with the trees in beautiful fall colors.

When I got home, I had HDT from Tatskool waiting in the mailbox. The picture doesn't do the thread justice. They look lucious, with a beautiful shine. These are two members of the Choco-Raspberry family and a sample of Raspberry Ripple. I will have to choose the perfect project for them.