Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Motif Seventeen -- 3D Watering Can

Is a 3D object a motif? It had better be. I've been neglecting this poor blog of late. The watering cans and flower pot are a little something different I made up for the Palmetto TatDay with its flower garden theme this year. This will be the project in one of the classes I am teaching. The pink one is made in Cebelia size 10, the blue and brown varigated is Caron Wildflowers, and the tan is a vintage size 20.


  1. ooooh how adorable! Almost all block tatting? So cute, and of course, 3D counts as motifs.. if not.. some of mine don't count, and I AM counting them! hahaha
    great job again!

  2. Hi Martha,
    I love your tatting blog.
    I see that you have signed up to be in the "Tatted Ring of Bloggers". That is great, however, you must add the ring code to your blog before it will allow me to add you. Let me know if you need any assistance at all!
    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi Martha, Your flower pot and watering cans are soooo adorable! Thanks for showing the pictures.