Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Motifs 18 to 24 -- Snowflakes

You would think from this blog lately that there hasn't been much tatting going on. Actually, I have been hard at work making ornaments to give the girls at work. This is a group of Jane Eborall's Sequin Snowflakes. All those messy strings are the hanging loops sticking in all directions. I personally prefer the second, heavily beaded version off the pattern, but I needed the simpler version to get it done in time. Jane has so many great tips for adding beads as you go, which allows for maximum creativity with minimum premeditation, which is great for working at home. For this project, I strung all the beads ahead of time, so I could slip a couple shuttles in my pocket and I was all set to tat on the bus, during my coffee break, and any spare moment.

This one is Mike Meloy's snowflake. This is a quite nice one round snowflake - it works up fairly quickly, but has plenty of visual interest. In size 20 thread, it fits the bangle bracelets. Maybe a good idea for next year's giveaway.

If anyone thinks showing this many motifs all at once is a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the fact I missed my year's deadline for the challenge, all I can say is "Shhh!" Just one more...


  1. I love all your snowflakes! Those sequins will really sparkle on the recipients' trees! I really like the way Mike's snowflake looks in the bangle.

  2. I like that snowflake in the bangle. It seems to really set it off and eliminates the need to stiffen it, which is always tricky with longer points like that.

  3. Martha, This is all going to my head! People all over the net are doing my pattern!!! this is SO cool!
    I love the way you used the bangle. I am going to have to see about threading mine through a brass ring or some such. If you take a look at the newest work you can see the same snowflake wrapped around a glass ball ornament and then threaded to one another. it worked really well! I am so glad you liked the pattern enough to tatt it!

  4. Merry Christmas Martha!