Sunday, October 18, 2009

Techniques & Flowers

I think this little flower is the same technique that Gina showed on her blog yesterday.

At the Palmetto Tat Days last month, Riet had a pattern sheet in Danish showing this and sort of challenged me to figure it out. Well, I love a challenge. Below are a few single petals I worked that day as practice.

I meant to go back and do some more sometime, but forgot about it until I saw Gina's post. Then I just had to try it again and worked the little motif above. I'll tell you how soon, but not enough time right now.

Here is a similar effect, but totally different technique. This is the flower from Erin's Herringbone Hookup class, also at Palmetto last month.

And while I'm thinking of it, this is the project from Riet's Palmetto Night Owl class. The pattern was designed for an earring, but I used a larger thread to make it a Christmas ornament instead. By the way, this was a great technique. I already know how to get this effect with reverse work, shoe lace tie and switch shuttles, but Riet's way does the same thing so much faster without having to do all those things. I even finished this project that night.

I can claim Erin's flower and Riet's motif as challenge entries 8 & 9. (I'm restricting my challenge count this time to patterns by other people.)


  1. WOW- these look amazing!

  2. Your needle lace/tatting petals looks very nice! I did an edging once that required the insides of the tatted motifs to have a needle lace design done inside of them. The edging got done, but it never got attached to anything, LOL!

  3. Good job! It's not the same, but it is very similar. You folks must have been really scratching your head with all those new techniques!

  4. This is actually worked with two shuttles, no needle lacing required.

  5. Thanks, Martha, for telling me that it's not needle lace...maybe it said in the blog post and I missed it somehow. Anyway, now I MUST learn this technique! :)