Monday, February 01, 2010

Is There Any Hope?

Lately, I've been obsessed with buttons.

And at the same time, stone chips and nuggets are preying on my mind.

The problem is, everything I buy makes me want to buy something else. Some of the buttons are calling for beads to go with them. All these things need thicker thread, which I have precious little of in my stash.

Is there any hope for this sort of thing on Etsy? I see some people sell quite a lot of items, and some...don't. It would be nice if this new hobby could pay for itself. On the other hand, if prospects are poor, the time spent taking nice photos and writing the listings could be better used on something else.


  1. Oooooh, they're all so yummy. I think with Etsy you either have to promote yourself or be like me - sit back and be patient!!!

  2. i love the button necklace

  3. Buttons, I so love buttons too. I have a couple of tins of them old and new. These necklaces are so so gorgeous. Put them on Etsy oh yes they will sell. Absolutely love them.

  4. You can sell on for free, that way at least you could try it out without any expenses. I say give it a shot.

    I love the set with the shell buttons!

  5. Hello Martha,
    I wonder are there still cloths in your house with buttons on it??
    The neckladges are wonderfull.
    Do you have antique buttons? in the last Bulletin was also a neckladge with an antique button.
    Do you need buttons?
    just let me know
    Riet the B-engel

  6. I'm not much of a button person, except the old, interesting sort are fun to look at. I nearly didn't buy a pair of ballerina flats 'cause they HAD buttons, but they were such a buy! LOL
    I do like semi precious stones. I guess some things just 'speak' to us. I don't have any useful advice. You could do a few pieces and give it a few months…nothing ventured. . . nothing gained.

    I had fun looking at your button creations.

    Back to tatting my last Rooster.
    BJ xx00

  7. wow...very creative

  8. i love these button necklaces. they are really cute! i can't say for sure if they'll sell on etsy but very interesting idea. i dun recall seeing necklaces of this type. give it a shot.

  9. I love buttons, too. I'm a button collector, but they just set in their jars not doing anything. This is a cleaver idea, very cute.

  10. There's other button necklaces on etsy and I think this is wayy different than anything on etsy. There's lots of people out there who are completely button crazy ao I think they are most likely to sell. I've been thinking about putting stuff on etsy and the charges don't seem too high. If you don't sell them there's not too much involved.

  11. Sorry, I think I forgot to say that I liked the necklaces.

  12. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I think I will give this a go on Etsy or Artfire when I get around to it. A little blocking will help them look better, and I finally found the recharger for the camera I had about given up on.

    Do I need more buttons Riet? Well, I think a person can't have too many, though I have lots and lots. New and old, from the stores and best from yard sales. The last time JoAnn's had a half price sale on buttons I had a field day...

  13. These are so pretty. So inventive!

  14. very cool!!! Yes!! You should try to sell them on etsy!!
    Good luck!

  15. What a wonderful necklaces! I love the last one!