Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Errata Sheet Available....maybe?

Dear Friends,

**NEWS FLASH** Ignore this post and look for the improved link posted the next day.

As several of you have suggested, I am trying to make a copy of the Playing with Picots Errata sheet available online so that you may print a copy if you like.

On Keep-and-Share, the link apparantly does not go straight to the document, but seems to take you to a page where you can click to download. Or is it taking just me there, since it's my file? Click here to try. Other times I have seen people use Keep-and-Share, the link went right to their file. Is this because I have a lowly free account, or because I don't know what I'm doing? (Or both...)

I tried Google Documents too. That one take you to a page where you can see my file, but you still need to click on Download to print. (You could right-click and print from the page, but that shrinks the print size too small to read easily.) For that version, click here.

Please let me know how these options work for you, and advice is most welcome.

I've been wanting to find a site for free or cheap hosting to use as printer friendly versions of the free patterns on my site. Perhaps this experiment can lead to that as well.


  1. Martha, Thanks for making the errata sheet available online.

    The Keep-and-Share site worked for me. You're right, you do need to click on the download button, but after that, no problems.

    The Google Docs site gave me this message: "Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing or you don't have permission to view the document. Please try again later."

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I must need to do something with the privacy settings on Google. Back to the drawing board.

  3. Thanks, Martha! The Keep-and-Share worked just fine for me. All I have to do now is get to tatting!

  4. When I use keep & share, I use the link that goes directly to the document. I remember having the same issue at first until I figured out how to get a direct link. It works either way but is an extra step for the recipient if they have to then download. And mine is a free account too.