Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Test Tatters Save Me from Myself

My test tatters are always such a help when I am working on a pattern.  It isn't just a case of pointing out the typos.  They will point out that there is a problem with this, or it would be better if you did that...

I don't mind rewriting the patterns to incorporate their suggestions, because it makes for a much better pattern.  Sometimes working in their suggestions inspires me to change the pattern even more, and then they gently, tactfully, kindly, firmly tell me, no, it was better before you did that. 

This little angel is one that will stop with its next to last version.  It went through around five versions to get here, with deciding how many picots on the wings, how many rings in the skirt, where to make the joins, and etc.  My friend shared with me that she had difficulty making the second wing from the back side, so we revised the pattern so both wings worked from the front side.  Then I had the bright idea to change the skirt.  Well, that night it seemed like a good idea.  Fortunately, she was honest enough to tell me she didn't like it.  A few days later, looking at it fresh, I didn't like it either.

This is one of the smaller patterns.  The large one  Jane tested was another one of these.  I said look at thia great idea I had to change the wings, and she had to tell me I didn't really want to do that.  Overthinking and trying too hard are some of my special skills.

Book progress continues on slow but sure.  What is it with MicroSoft Word 2010 and footers anyway?  I never had this sort of problem with page numbers before.  When I would be on one page, the page number on another page would jump to another position or disappear altogether.  I never did get them all exactly alike, though I reached the good enough stage, and then next time I opened the file, the type size on them had changed by themselves.  Must be gremlins.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your new book, it sounds interesting with the Angels and hopefully now the test tatters have tested will be beautiful angels

  2. I am sure your book is going to be awesome!!! :)