Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Week's Project

This week's project, or rather the beginning of one, is another pattern from "Occhi - Tatting -  Frivolite Mustersammlung" by Susanne Rolf.  This intricate looking edging is actually not that hard to memorize, so I can take it with me without pulling out the pattern to consult all the time.  It tends to curl up while making, but isn't too hard to press flat.

The thread is a discontinued Flora size 50, and the colors in real life are more pale, nice and subtle.

This is intended to go on a hankie some day.


  1. Beautiful edging, lovely coloured thread what. Pity it's been discontinued

  2. Very beautiful edging!!! :)

  3. Beautiful edging and thread color! It looks very tricky to me, especially around the corner! Wonderful design. Amazing to know Susanne went by two names.

    Interesting note about the new monument to the British soldiers. Glad to see that occur.

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I think she got married. She was Rolf, now she's Schwenke. Very pretty edging, and lovely colors. Her patterns are so pretty.

  5. Beautiful edging. The colors in that thread arrange themselves really nicely to show off the design. Good choice. Too bad it's no longer available. Some of my favorites over the years have also disappeared.