Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Bargain

Sometimes, when I should be doing something more productive or going to bed, I do a little online window shopping instead.  Look at this bargain I found HERE on Amazon Canada. 

A fifteen page booklet for $1717.16 Canadian, or approximately $1373.46 US.  Less than a thousand hundred US dollars per page!  I boggle at the notion of 15 pages.  How can one of the pages have only one side?  Is this bending the dimensions of the space time continuum?  Maybe that miracle is the reason for the price.  Don't you dare say it's just that the front cover isn't numbered. What fun is that.

And only a little over 6 dollars more to mail it to me.  I'll have to start saving my pennies.

OK, going to bed now.


  1. Oh, that's sooooo funny. Also the only copies I've ever seen have blue covers. Ah, perhaps that's the reason it's so 'cheap' - it's a 'rare breed'!!!!!

  2. Move over, it's mine!

  3. There's a note at the bottom that says "this is not the actual book cover" Oh, my, we knew it was a popular book, but who would have imagined this? Maybe she autographed it in gold leaf or something???

  4. Gosh that's a lot for a book, hope you enjoy it

    1. The listing is real, but my comments totally tongue in cheek. Jane tells me this slim booklet isn't worth bothering with even at a regular price.