Monday, May 29, 2017

False Start Made Good

There have been many mistakes, mis-starts, and cutting of thread with the 1926 Rose Doily I told you about last time.  I salvaged the motif with too many rounds by crocheting a border around to have a nice mini doily.  A little stretching and blocking might help, but that would be like making an effort :)

Why did I ever wait so long to start blogging again?  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading your comments. 

And now to bore you with non-tatting.  My other big hobby is my vegetable garden.  Here it is on April 1.  For the smaller spring crops I use the "square foot gardening" method.

And here is last week.  The lettuce is about to bolt and the spinach already has, but it's been a good crop and pulling it out will make room for the summer veg.  Note the extra netting since deer were jumping the fence.

I picked my first squash this week, and I've got baby tomatoes.  Hooray!  

Back to your regularly scheduled tatting next time.


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    The tatting AND the garden look wonderful.

  2. The doily looks great ! Love green tomatoes :-)

  3. That's a clever way to salvage a false start! Dave is out planting our garden right now. He tries different ideas every year. I guess I should pay more attention. We've only had a few carrots so far.

  4. Your doily looks nice!! :)

  5. That's a good way of making the best of a bad start and having something to show for it.
    Your veg is far advanced to here in the UK, it will be while before we see tomatoes.

  6. The garden looks lovely and sometimes to salvage a work takes more skills than people realize yours is fantastic looking 🌹❤️🌹

  7. Good save! Your garden looks wonderfully summery. We are going into Winter and waiting for the first bad frost to wipe out the tomatoes.

  8. Love your save-job on the rose doily! DH built a huge fence complete with a gate to try to keep the deer (and bunnies and every other creature interested in garden foods) at bay. So far it's working but it's been less than a week :-)

  9. Nice save on the rose doily. I love the look of the motifs and am looking forward to your re-write. Totally jealous of your garden! Looks wonderful. :)