Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Adventures on Ebay

At about this point working on the yoke, I took a break to investigate the rose mignonette doily from Needlecraft Magazine that Georgia was looking for.  I happened to have the issue with the pattern, but I starting thinking how I had not added to my collection for a while, and I had a little money in my Paypal account....

So off to Ebay, and I lucked into a few, and a few more, and you get the picture.  Judging from the numbering of the issues, the magazine would have begun in September 1909.  I've never seen one from 1909 or 1910, but I've got a few from 1911 now.  They frequently have some tatting patterns, and always some crochet, plus the ads and letters are amusing too.  When I started sorting and cataloging my issues, I was dismayed to discover many of them were missing pages.  I'll be trying to replace those with better copies eventually.

And then  I found this.  It's really prettier than this - the flash washed out the image a bit.  I was so looking forward to that deep yoke on the cover, but alas, there is no such pattern inside.  I could design a yoke from the picture, but nah, I've got to much else to do right now.  One day, maybe?

Curse you, Ebay, for suggesting more items I might be interested in.  Now my Paypal is all spent, so I need you all to buy more of my books, so I can go hunting again :)


  1. Hunting on eBay is fun, but can be oh so dangerous! It looks like you have some wonderful pattern books to look through!

  2. Congratulations on your new acquisitions. I love those old magazines.