Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Quilt Square for Palmetto

Next year's Palmetto Tat Days will feature another group project quilt.  Yay! I love the challenge of quilt squares, choosing threads and designs to complement the fabric. 

Here is one done.  I have used Yarnplayer's Ginko Leaf from her Etsy shop to go with the leaves printed on the fabric.  The design uses folded rings and Catherine wheel joins.

My little flowers in the center section don't show up real well, so I may add more to that section later.  But I've got more quilt squares I will work on first to make sure I get them all done.

The choosing and the tatting is the fun part.  Then comes the sewing on :(    That always takes so much more time than I expect it will.  But good news, I have realized that it is easy to separate Lizbeth thread into 3 strands, so I can use that for a thin matching thread for the sewing on.  Cut a piece of thread about the length of fingertip to elbow. Twist one end back and forth until you can see 3 strands and pull one out.  If you have ever separated strands of embroidery floss, you know what to do.

If you would like to join in the fun, here is message from Georgia about adopting quilt squares to decorate.  You can also send her tatted pieces to be sewn onto the quilt.

Hello, tatters!

Tatters and Quilters needed to decorate blocks for the 2018 Tatting scholarship fundraiser quilt.
We have about 70 more blocks which need to be adopted.

Please look here:
There are 9 sets of photos. Click on a photo and it opens to an enlarged view.
There the blocks are marked A, B, C etc. Choose your favorite color block or intriguing theme.
Email me the set number and the identification of the block and it will be mailed to you.

For international addresses, please ask for an enlarged photo of the block so that you can tat the decoration and mail it to me.
I will gladly sew it onto the blocks.

For example:  please look at
block DDDD has quilting and guitars and lots of color. Is that the block for  you??

Thanks for your help./

Best wishes, Georgia Seitz  


  1. Ooooh, love the colours.

  2. Beautiful, Martha! Ginko trees are one of my fall favorites. There is nothing like those bright yellow fans looking all bright and cheerful on a cold, gray November day.

  3. I love the ginko leaves! I have started my tatting for the quilt, but it has taken a back seat the my Christmas preparations. Please, keep inspiring me!

  4. Love your leaves and flowers!!! :)

  5. Perfect choice and rendition :-)