Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dragonfly Quilt Square

Here's another quilt square for next year's Palmetto fundraiser.  These squares are smaller than the ones we had for previous quilts, and Georgia said it's OK to work across the lines.

The orange dragonfly in the center stripe is from Karey Solomon's "Flutter Home," except I made the tail a little shorter and used picots instead of beads. The other orange one is a variation with a SCMR for the body.

The purple dragonfly is from Patricia Rizzo's "The Gentle Art of Tatting Things We Love." Her example looks more airy than mine, so maybe my tension is tighter than hers.  The blue one is Sharren Morgan's Flag-Tailed Dragonfly" from the Palmetto 2010 pattern CD.  And the blue and purple one is sort of a mash-up of those two patterns.

I had fun choosing the colors.  Stay posted for more squares.


  1. Pretty dragonflies! There's a great variety of dragonflies in Nature, so good to see that variety in the tatted version.

  2. Beeyoodeeful!:-)

  3. Awesome quilt square!! :)

  4. Beautiful, can't wait to see it.
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Lovely! Now for one with coloured Cluny leaves? ;-P