Sunday, January 27, 2019

Registration Open for Finger Lakes Tatting

Registration is now open for the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference, to be held April 5-7.  Click HERE for the link.  This is the one held in Lodi, NY, hosted by Karey Solomon and her group, which always has lots of fun, lots to learn, and lots of wonderful home-cooked food.

They are planning to add pictures of the class projects to the website soon.  I've seen Vicki Clarke's project on the Finger Lake's Facebook site. This is the project I will be teaching, focusing on the "inverted tatting" technique.  It takes 3-4 colors of thread and 2 shuttles.

Other upcoming events are:

Shuttlebirds Tatting Days, Post Falls, ID, May 2-5, registration open. LINK

International Organization of Lace Inc (IOLI) Conference Spokane Valley, WA July 21-27, featuring Mimi Dillman, Karen Bovard Sayre, and Natalie Rogers. LINK

Tatting Corner Tat Days, Chesterfield, IN, July 11-13 LINK

Palmetto Tatters Guild Tat Days, Toccoa, GA Sept 5-8 LINK

Fringe Element Tat Days, Cambridge, ON, Sept 27-28 LINK

I hope you can all attend one (or more) of these events. 


  1. Love the candle, remember you teaching inverted tatting at Palmetto, great technique and looks so effective on a candle.

  2. This looks to be a great technique, Martha. Thanks for it and the dates and places of upcoming tatting events. I'll have to see if any of them fit into the calendar because I'm retiring as of Thursday. afternoon.