Saturday, October 09, 2021

American Needlewoman, November 1925 part 1

I recently obtained a handful of issues of The American Needlewoman, another Vickery & Hill Publishing Company magazine.  I was a bit disappointed as there was far more fiction than there was needlework.  The average issue had an installment of a serial, 3 more short stories, and around 4 pages of needlework, usually one of which having embroidery patterns that had to be ordered separately.  On the other hand, tatting usually made an appearance.

The magazine began around June 1890 as American Woman, and in May 1923 changed its name to The American Needlewoman. In May 1927, it changed again, to The American Homemaker.  I wonder if the name changes were to make it appear useful to the casual observer while the reader could enjoy the romantic stories.

The November 1925 issue had 3 tatting patterns, 2 of them by a Mrs. D. A. Davis.  Note that in this context, beading has nothing to do with beads, and is instead a trimming designed to have a ribbon threaded through it.  As before, I have cropped and pasted to put the parts of the patterns closer together, click to enlarge.  I'm still playing with resizing to find the smallest file size that will still be easy enough to read. 



  1. Interesting, thanks. I guess you could just do a large ring in the middle of the round one?

    1. It looks like the center is needle weaving after the tatting is done, so I suppose you could make up a little motif to fit in the center instead.