Friday, October 17, 2008

Motifs Seventeen & Eighteen--Halloween Bling

You've heard me say that strange (craft related of course) ideas pop in my head. Most recently I got the notion to make Halloween jewelry. Yes, I am another one of those that love Halloween and I am munching on candy corn right now. Since I borrowed the shape from one of my other patterns, this one was fairly quick to design. I made up several and mailed most of them away. When someone would come sit next to me to see what dainty ladylike thing I was tatting today, it was funny to hold up a row of grinning skulls instead.

DH helped model since I was having trouble with the camera one-handed.

There are earrings too, but I forgot to model any before mailing away. I haven't made myself a pair yet since I'm still wearing the new ones I bought at the Ren Faire.

Ooooh, had to come back later and add: the pattern is here.


  1. Hello there! Another Halloween fan ere. That is some awesome bling! Your block tatted and pearl tatted skeletons are some of the most fun patterns I've done. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Funny!!! Thanks for the pattern. I love Halloween too and always dress up for our Brownie Guide party....I HAVE to make the earrings.

  3. I love these Martha! You are so clever. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us!