Monday, November 10, 2008

Thankful for gifts, Part 1

I don't have any new tatting to show, since lately all I have are really ugly rough drafts, so I thought I would share some of the beautiful things I have been fortunate enough to receive.

These are two turtles by Tatbit Teri Dusenbury. This is exquisite, meticulous work with all these tiny beads placed so perfectly. Please visit her blog, here.

She is planning a new e-book of heart patterns, which I am very excited about. Her book, Tatting Hearts, from Dover Books was very influential for me, since I think it was my first "modern" pattern book, as compared to the reprints of earlier works which were all I had before. This book also introduced me to the split ring, which was a huge,revolutionary concept for me.


  1. These are lovely. Lucky you!

  2. Those turtles are so cute! I had no idea they were so small. Makes me appreciate just how much work Teri put into them. I feel the same way about Teri's Tatting Hearts book. for me, it not only split rings, but the concept of directional tatting. She's really made a difference in how I tat.

  3. Tatting hearts was an important book for me too! It was the first time I saw split rings and one of the first tatting books I was able to find. I'm excited about Terri publishing patterns again. Now to nab one of those turtles...

  4. She was selling turtles on an earlier blog a while back. You might try asking her.