Monday, November 09, 2009

Motif Ten--Mark's Pumpkin

I hope you have seen Mark Myer's Pumpkin pattern. He does these marvelous things giving tatting the look of bobbin lace, often with some free form bits as well.

I really enjoyed making this in size 80 thread.

My pumpkin is a bit crowded on the inside, compared to the original. Either I made the picots in the outline section too small, or it just needs proper blocking. My stainless steel pins have gone missing (my craft closet is really, really scary right now...), so I couldn't do much more than press it for now.


  1. Lovely, lovely eye candy/ I HAVE to make that one...but not in must have good eyesight..or a good magnifying glass!!

  2. Nice Job on the Pumpkin. I just love this pattern.