Saturday, November 14, 2009

Motif Eleven-Heather's Hearts for Tracy

Please visit Heather's blog for this patterns and to read about her appeal for hearts for her friend with breast cancer. I'm running late, so she has probably already given Tracy the gift package, but I assume she can still use more for the fund raiser.

I like to combine a variegated thread with a solid and worked this version first:
(I tweaked the pattern a bit since I wanted the bottom ring in the outline color.)

Next, I was going to reverse with solid rings and variegated chains, but I wasn't having a good day. I could tell that it lacked pizazz since there wasn't enough of the variegated showing.

So then I tweaked some more and added a second row of chains. Better...

Next time, I added lots of picots instead. Besides being frilly, it allowed more color progressions to show. Happy now!

This is a nice pattern that works up quickly. The first version used Shuttle Trend Lab thread from Palmetto, and the rest are Lizbeth.
Best wishes to Heather and her friend, Tracy.


  1. I really like the heart with the white outline. Pretty!
    Fox : )

  2. Love all your variations of the heart. Each of then is appealing in it's own way. Thanks for sharing!

  3. tattrldy is so right! I returned to see the one with the extra chains and realize I like all of them! Why limit the love! LOL!
    Fox : ))

  4. Very pretty! Oh, I need to get mine done. How long have I been saying this I ♥ the variation you did, too!

  5. I am so in love with all the different colors that you used on your heart pattern. I have a lot of thread, but I guess my imagination needs a poke. Yours are beautiful!

  6. I think the second heart with the additional round made with the added chain really makes this design very elegant.

  7. OK, my second comment here. I'm in agreement about the second heart. It is very elegant looking, but I do love the colors used in the third one. Delicate looking.