Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anemone Almost Done

A week or two ago I almost finished this doily, "Anemone Nemorosa" by Iris Neibach. It is in her book Tatting Fantasia 2. I was drawn to it because I had not made an oval doily before.

I say almost finished. I have made all the stitches and worked in all the ends, and even performed a bit of surgery to repair a mistake noticed much too late. What I lack is blocking it so it will lay nice and flat so it may be fully appreciated. I've got a styrofoam board and some rust-proof pins. What I lack is the time. I think I will put it away until after the move.

Even with a four day weekend, I did not finish stripping the wall paper in the master bedroom. In my defense, I did not get to start until after lunch every day. We did get quite a lot of other things accomplished, though.


  1. Lovely doliy, and beautiful pattern, I hope the move and your decorating goes well.

  2. Martha,
    How Beautiful! The blocking thing always gets me. I'd prefer not...but, see the benefit. I think we should declare a national week for blocking. Then, we'd all have support and accountability as we face the mountain of WIPs.

    Just a thought. Hope your day is grand!

  3. Gorgeous doily. When are you moving?

  4. I was not surprised to see a comment from John here, as I immediately thought of his large work when I saw your wonderful piece.

    It is beautiful!

    Good luck on the move, Martha!
    Fox : )

  5. Beautiful doily! :)

  6. Wonderful doily! I like Iris's patterns.

  7. An oval of such magnificence and grace as to make others pale by comparison -- and it hasn't even been blocked yet.

    It can wait until after you get your house in order. By then I am sure you will have the perfect spot for it and will be doubly motivated to finish it.

    It really is a lovely doily! Great tatting!

  8. Wow! That looks great!!! :)