Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Palmetto Pics

On the way to Palmetto TatDays, we stopped at the National Historic Park at Ninety-Six.  This was a town at an important crossroads and the site of the first Revolutionary War battle in the south.  It is more famous for a conflict later in the war.  The approach to the town was guarded by an earthenworks star fort, and General Nathanael Greene of the colonials laid siege to it. His plan was to approach it with trenches and dig a tunnel underneath.  Trench warfare in the Revolutionary War! I had no idea.  The whole scheme had to be abandoned when British reinforcements were on the way.  Now only mounds and depressions in the earth are left, but a pleasant walk on a sunny day.

Next was Helen, GA. Quaint alpine village or kitschy tourist trap?  A bit of both, actually. But we're easily amused, and there aren't any German restaurants at home.  Some of shops have lovely European imports and others have hillbilly souvenirs.  One shop has a really impressive miniature railroad display you can see for a nominal fee.  We skipped the Live Tarantula Museum.

Then on to Toccoa.  Here are some pictures of me with friends.


  1. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing

  2. Love the photo of Helen, GA. Lovely pictures of friends too.

  3. Such fun! I would've skipped that tarantula museum too! Loved the pictures ... thank you for sharing!

  4. What an interesting picture of the old battleground! - so different from our historical sites here in Australia.

  5. Cool! I have family (an uncle) in Ninety Six, and Sharren Morgen lives in the next town.

  6. Martha, I see that we live in same area--I am in Graham. I wish I was as good at tatting as you are.