Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Palmetto Tatting on Display

Here is a little of the tatting on display at Palmetto TatDays last month. Was it really that long ago?

I admired this piece, though I can't remember who made it.  Can anyone tell me who it was, or identify the source for the pattern?  Update: the tatter was Jeannie S., and the pattern is from Workbasket 1986.

Randy Houtz brought some really interesting 3D tatting.

This is part of the Gina Tatting Goddess display.  I love how she turned the heart in the square frame.  I miss her so much.

Here is a vintage collar.  I love old tatting.

Not in the display room, but in class, Lorena was Jane's assistant for the animal doodle class and proudly shows off the diorama she made with the sample projects for the class.


  1. Lorena's diorama is superb and SO well made. Wish I'd thought of doing that!!! Love the piece of lace at the top and hope you do find out where the pattern came from. Randy's bug was amazing too. Dear Gina - such talent.

  2. I love the 3d flowers they must have taken ages to make, thank you for sharing the lovely photos

  3. Yes I can! Because I made this pattern too. I love this design. The pattern is from a May 1986 Workbasket magazine and was reproduced in a small book called "Tatting Patterns" by the Staff of Workbasket Magazine.

  4. I have a feeling that the design is one of either Anne B's, or Frivole's; but I haven't actually been able to find it! I even tried Google Iimages.
    I do hope someone knows, because it's on the tip of my tongue now, and it's bothering me!

  5. Found it! - and I was on the right track, it's from Frivole's blog April 4th 2012. She says the pattern comes from Workbasket, there's a link to click on her blog from that date.

    What a relief, I KNEW I knew what it was.......

  6. I don't know the source of the doily, but I also find it attractive. I like that the connections are 'fewer' than on some motif doilies, which would make it easier to tat - I think!

    It's always bittersweet to see Gina's work. I'm so glad her sister and daughter got to meet everyone there.

    It has to be such a great experience to go to Palmetto Tat Days! Thanks for all the photos. I was able to see the 'live' broadcast, which was very cool! I got to see you and Jane tatting together!

  7. the pattern is for sell on eBay just look under tatting pattern if you haven't found it already