Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Bit of Salvage

When I was almost done with one of the motifs of the rose doily, I made a Dreadful Mistake and had to cut away.  The rings are so small I did not think I could add in thread without making an ugly blob, so I just set that piece aside.  Later I went around the edge making split chain like wrapped stitches.  It was a bit tedious and time consuming, but a very dainty effect.

Here's another background.

(Later on, when I broke the thread trying to open a ring, I did try adding in a new thread, and it was not too bad.)

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  1. You did a great job no one would know you salvaged it

  2. Beautiful, Martha! That is one looooooong split chain!

  3. Looks so pretty!!! :)

  4. Worth the effort :-)))

  5. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Very pretty medallion from what started out to be a 'salvage' piece. Long 'split chain,' but there's something about the process of tatting a split chain that becomes relaxing if you do many of them. This is lovely.

  6. Lovely tatting always fun to see what you are up to I love netting with tatting lace nice big finish :)